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Hai Phong Battery Industry Co., Ltd (

Established On May 14, 2001 was established under Decision No. 0202000268 – Department of Planning and Investment of Ho Chi Minh City. Hai Phong.

1/ Time of formation and development:

– On May 14, 2005 was established under Decision No. 0202000248 – Department of Planning and Investment of Ho Chi Minh City. Hai Phong.

– 2005: Build a battery factory.

– 2005: is one of 10 prestigious battery manufacturers in Vietnam.

– 2013: Developing and improving airtight battery products and affirming the brand

– In 2015: Developing the product line of UPS batteries, electric bicycle batteries, electric motorbikes.

– In 2018: is one of 5 battery manufacturers with scale and prestige in Vietnam.

2/ Address: Canh Hau area cluster, Le Dai Thanh Street, Lam Ha Ward, Kien An District, Hai Phong City, Vietnam.

3/ Chairman: Mr. Tran Tuan Khanh.

4/ Main business lines: Producing and assembling motorcycle batteries, power batteries of all kinds.

5/ Area of premises and workshops: >4,000 m2

6/ Number of personnel: > 100 people (30% have university and college degrees or higher, 70% are trained skilled workers).

Development goals:

– Become one of the leading battery manufacturing companies in Vietnam.

– Become the first choice of customers in the field of battery supply and service.

– Economic and social development goals.

– Improve the working environment and income of employees.

– Building corporate culture, taking people as the center.

– Developing policies, attracting talents to work for the development of people, companies and society

– The company has chosen to produce the maintenance-free air-tight battery using:

+ Materials of the new generation of materials from industrial countries and reputable partners with confirmed brands.

+ Putting current machinery and equipment into production.

+ Apply ISO quality management system.

+ Develop, evaluate and plan on annual quality goals.

– Develop new product lines to meet market demand.

8/ Corporate culture background:

– builds corporate culture on the basis of: Engagement – Honesty – Discipline – Learning – Creativity – Perseverance – Happiness.